The Street Photography Workshops

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Sundays In NY workshops teach you how to use your camera technically, inspire you aesthetically, then lovingly critiqued for a direction, style and a new found passion. Judith Farber, founder

Sundays in NY Photography Workshops (SINY) was created by documentary and travel photographer, Judith Farber as a fun, creative, inspiring activity on a Sunday in New York.

All cameras from cell, point and shoot to professional SLR/DSLR’s are welcome, including all photography levels and ages, beginners to professionals. Learn to use compelling and persuasive tools to expand your vision and style, documenting what you see to a higher level. Whether it’s a hobby, a profession or merely a creative expression, there’s something in it for all ages to explore and enjoy with little or no preparation. Or is there?

Where ever you are on this journey, here’s some suggested steps to enhance your skills.

Here’s some order to that process
1.  Choose a camera that you are comfortable using, including cell phones, film or DSLR cameras
2.  Take Technical session to understand the functions of your camera
3.  Take Composition to learn “how to see,” creating perfect, intuitive framing 
4.  Get your Images Critiqued, with a private session for instant feedback in how/what to do to improve photos going from blah to amazing, become skillful at self-editing, find your style and your passion
5. Have fun!
6. Practice! Take specialized sessions to further your skills in Night, iPhone,  Lighting, etc.

Special report, The Art Of Seeing

And for fun, check out the Teacher’s Comic Relief



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Sundays In NY has been featured in The New York Times, Daily Candy, Double Exposure, Amazon, NY Open Center, City Bird