What You’ll Learn
1. How to create perfectly framed images IMMEDIATELY!
2. Go from boring snaps to Creating Fine Art IN JUST 2 HOURS!
3. Learn the secrets to capturing great moments!
4. All levels improve, yes, even professionals
5. See what’s not working, and fix it right there!
6. Friends and family will be shocked at how great your photos look!

There is a crucial protocol when photographing on the streets, for the city streets are pure theater without the obtrusive fixture of a stage. And where better place to learn photography than on the streets of NY!

Participants taking the Composition Session will receive instant critiques on your photos with suggestions/feedback/tips with every click of the shutter, key to improvement. This personal feedback challenges and enables participants to make use of the suggestions, and you begin to “get it” with a new awareness of “seeing.” We all have the capacity to learn, to improve our photographic eye. Participants always come away with a better perspective and understanding in achieving fine art images, with snap shooting a thing of the past.

Learn the most basic composition skills with Composition 1, held at Bethesda Terrace or Grand Central, essential foundation for all other sessions. Composition 2 sessions meet at (in cold weather) The Met, NY Public Library, (warm weather) NY neighborhoods of Chinatown, Little India, Spanish Harlem, The High Line, Meatpacking District.

The Composition sessions are available for all ages. To register visit the Calendar page for more information.

Learn the functions of your camera in a private setting, the basic concepts such as exposure, aperture and shutter speed. By the end of the session, you’ll have an overall understanding of what all of the various functions do on your camera, whether you have a decent point-and-shoot or a high-end SLR. You just need to use a camera where you can change settings to participate.

Capture the stunning scenes of NYC at night. This workshop will cover night photography and low light conditions. The teacher will tailor the the class to each individual, assisting with camera settings, etc, to ensure your best possible night photography workshop experience. This class is held outside in Spring, Summer and Fall. Best to use a camera that can change settings.

So you get home and have no clue if the photos are good or not. Keep or toss? How can I improve them? Here’s how…work with a professional photographer where your images are critiqued and analyzed. The learning curve is quick and participants learn self-editing and how to create more successful photographs. The Photo Critique Sessions teaches how to frame, visualizing the perfect scene in creating fine art images BEFORE you click the shutter. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps for improving your photography!

As featured in The NY Times, Daily Candy, Double Exposure, Amazon, NY Open Center, City Bird

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