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taught by Aldo Di Berardino or Lorenzo Fariello

In this course Aldo will guide you step by step through the process of
bringing out the best in your natural light portrait photos. Learn how to pose
your subjects, choose pleasing backgrounds, while avoiding harsh shadows.
We’ll set up a wide variety of photographic situations to illustrate how to read light,
pose the model and come away with quality images you will be proud of.

• Find the right light for great exposures
• Pose subjects in attractive ways
• Work with your subject for candid moments
• Find pleasing and complimentary backgrounds
• Avoid harsh shadows

Creating a portrait is to draw someone’s personality out, while capturing their physical likeness. As we work with the subject, our eye will be on the lookout for any magical moments. We will also concentrate on capturing expressions and body language. The subject does not need to smile for a portrait to be successful. Sometimes a thoughtful look is more representational.

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