Photoshop/Lightroom – Private Sessions

Do you take pictures with a digital camera but are never quite satisfied with the results?
Have you been staring at your Photoshop or Lightroom software for a while but are not sure where to begin and how to use it?
Do you want to be able to create better images learning how to enhance the details and make your photos more alive?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to learn PHOTOSHOP !

A computer with a version of Adobe Photoshop or Elements or Adobe Lightroom 5.
Also Aperture or Lightroom, a 30 day trial can be downloaded on the Adobe website. If you want to use any other software, that would work too.

This session is available as a Private Session held in your home/office or determined location. All privates can be altered to fit your personal needs.

The post processing software manipulations, adjustments, transformations and alters your images. It is crucial to learn the basics and understand which kind of post-production you can apply to your images. In our Private Photoshop session we will go over the basic tools and features. This includes the explanations of ‘layering’ and ‘opacity.’ We will also guide you with the download of your images on your computer to the process of good post-production.

The decision to use RAW has its pros and cons and can be discussed.
Camera Raw is the first post-production step to master in order to work on your raw files.
We will go over the basic settings of Camera Raw, including exposure, recovery, brightness, contrast, clarity, etc.

Curves is one of the most essential tools in Photoshop. We will look at how to use Curves to set the exposure and the contrast in your images.

Levels is a great tool to set the exposure range of your image.

The stamp tool can assist you in getting rid of annoying details in your images.

The Patch Tool smooths out details of your images, making them cleaner and sexier.

Basic filters will be discussed including Sharpening, Color filters and various Blur filters.

The Photoshop/Lightroom Sessions are taught by Lorenzo Fariello

For a Private Session
2 hour (minimum) -$350
3 hour – $450
Can purchase your session here, then email to schedule an appointment: