Night Photography Private Sessions

Learn how to capture the stunning scenes of NYC at night. This private session will cover low light conditions. The teacher will tailor the session to your particular needs, assisting with camera settings, composing, etc, to ensure your best possible night photography workshop experience.

This Night Private Photo session is best suited for those with a DSLR. Tripod is optional Learn various creative tricks for working in low light conditions and the artistry of painting with light. The workshop will be held at various locations (depending on weather). The outdoor sessions are most comfortable April – November.

The night workshop is a fun session while dependent on your needs, as an iPhone can also be used. If you use a DSLR and are not familiar with its functions, helpful to take the Technical Private Workshop prior to this session, and able to read and understand your camera’s settings: Shutter Speed, F-Stop and ISO.


  • Night Photography Private Workshop – 2 hours
  • Held all year (weather permitting)
  • iPhone also acceptable
  • 1 person- $299,  2 people – $399
  • With or without a tripod
  • In case of inclement weather, a text or phone notification will be sent. Can reschedule to another session (there are no refunds)
  • After purchasing, please email for scheduling

Brooklyn Bridge Winter-5806
Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo                                                             

Astoria Park Bridges Winter-5711-6
Robert F. Kennedy Bridge from Astoria Park


I really can’t say enough good things about the session. While I knew for sure that my camera was capable of amazing things (5d MkIII), my dusk and night photography had been lacking.  In the two hours with Lorenzo, he was able to teach me about the settings I should be using, why they are different from what I was doing, and most importantly, taught me how to take some really awesome shots!  (I’m still really in awe of some of the photos he taught me how to take!)  I really do want to stress that he really taught me something.  So many of the other photography classes and workshops I have taken in this city involved an experienced photographer simply telling students what to do or alternatively setting everything up for the student and then simply having them press the button on the camera.  Lorenzo was fantastic in his ability to assess the level of understanding the other student and I brought with us to the class and then build from there.  I also particularly enjoyed his enthusiasm…he really seemed to enjoy showing us how to improve on what we were doing!  (Also a rarity among the classes and workshops I have participated in here in NYC so far.)  All told, I was extremely satisfied with the class and with Lorenzo’s teaching.  I’m hoping that, as funds become available, I’ll be able to take additional classes with your group. – Dr. Steven S

I’ve been wanting to shoot NY at night for so long and finally signed up. I’m glad I did learned so much and excited to try out all that I learned – Braden

Amazing session! Thank you for your expertise and especially your eye! – Sara G.

I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the Night Photography Workshop last evening in Union Square.  Your lessons in how to take pictures at dusk and after sunset were really fascinating.  I learned more than I ever could have on my own or from a book.  I can’t wait to get out again and start shooting. And of course there is no substitute for being on the scene, taking pictures on New York’s streets — a challenging and stimulating experience. Thanks again – Dave C.

I had such a great time the other night and I learned such great techniques! I loved the class structure and how you helped each one of us individually throughout the class- it was a huge help. I have been showing everyone the pictures I got and they literally cannot get over the type of technique that I was able to accomplish. You were a really great instructor and I would definitely take another class, as long as I knew you’d be the one teaching it. Thank you SO much for teaching us so much, being so patient and running the class the way you did! I hope to be seeing you again soon! – Ciao! Laura S.

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. I learned so much about light and even about my camera. Two hours flew by very quickly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and being patient with those of us with a crummy tripod! – Wendy S.

Thanks again for the night photography session on Tuesday, it was just
great. I must say that as a beginner, I didn’t expect learning so
quickly and so easily in just 2 hours. Your creativity and personality
are definitely a plus. I used everything you taught me the day after and
it worked perfectly!
– Bruno from Miami

Thank you so much for the truly inspiring photography workshop this evening at Union Square. Angela and I really enjoyed your countless hints and ‘magic tricks’ 😉 As I said, I would very much like to participate in your upcoming workshop. Again, thank you very much and all the best until we meet again;-) – Sylvia

The workshop was very interesting and educational. Lorenzo gave me a lot of tips on light, white balance, exposures…. I hope I remember everything that he taught us. I might take a technique session with him as well. Thank you – Angela

Thanks very much, still a lot to learn but at least I have an understanding of a couple basic things! – Rachel

What fun this workshop was in Times Square. Learned what to look for to get great night shots. Thank you again for such an inspiring evening. – Jolie