How do I know if this venue is right for me? Can I improve my eye and feel that passion you have?

JF: You learn how to use your eyes in a fresh new way. It’s about “seeing” what’s around you. First learn to “see” without the use of a camera. Begin to frame artistic vignettes. As you find what your eye is drawn to, then bring in the camera and practice being quick on the shutter. It not only takes time to find out what draws you in, but also patience, as this becomes a repetitious process of searching for those special moments of energy while practicing to photograph them quickly. And if you have the slightest passion for any of this, you will keep going and won’t give up.

it’s all about your feedback….

Twelve year old Madeline’s review:


Great eye opening experience to spend time with Judith learning her composition tricks. Feel more confident with street photography now. And thank you for critiquing my photos, huge help! Sara G.

Had so much fun and learned quite a few new tricks during my photography composition session with Judith from Sundays in NY. –  Maria from Germany

Want to be a better photographer? Go see my friend Judith Farber she is amazing. Have thin skin? sell your camera. Judith will teach you with style and grace the absolute best way to compose an image. I went once and she changed me forever, after a few more times I was a much better photographer. I love the honesty and skill she has to critique an image on the back of my camera in seconds and in simple language that helps me learn faster. Judith is a world famous travel photographer and has published all over the world.  Thank you Judith for all you have taught me. – Michael R

 I want to thank you for explaining many of the features on my camera and giving me a better understanding of what to look for in my photos.  I really appreciate the way that you keep everything simple to understand.  I will recommend your classes to others and plan to take another one myself. – Mary Jane M

Hey Judith, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a wonderful time I had today and to thank you. It was very eye opening and great to have such an intimate view of a part of New York that I never really explored before. I am going to “develop” and edit the photos I took today and put a few on my flickr page. I will let you know when they are there so you can view them. Thanks again and I look forward to doing this again soon. –

I really loved your class yesterday, Judith. Thanks! – Tim

What you taught me at the class, changed the way I take pictures – Joe A

I Had a wonderful time at her class, she is a wonderful teacher and definitely got me started in the right direction with photography– Laila S 12 yrs old

I’m so glad to have been able to take your Composition I class this afternoon in Central Park.  Even with my frozen fingers and poor little iPhone, I was able to learn so much from your clear assignments and immediate feedback–not to mention your own incredible photographs taken under very similar conditions (but with an infinitely more sophisticated eye).  As a writer, I know how much harder it can be to explain what needs to be done than to just do it yourself, but your feedback was incredibly helpful.  Thank you, thank you. – Vicky Brandt

Thank you for a wonderful learning experience last Sunday.  I learned a lot not just leading lines but to focus to a simplistic story in a crowd.  I showed my pictures to friends and family and they were quite impressed.  i would like to schedule the second half of the composition class. – Virginia Kim

What a wonderful 2 hours – I learned so much! Now I am seeing leading lines everywhere and I am working on developing patience. Thank you so much, Judith!Kaye Bennett from Australia

Great! Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll try that tonight. – Isobel Spicer

Took this today in class and used iPhoto to blur out a man’s foot in the back like Judith advised me to do since I’m not familiar with Photoshop just yet, very happy with the quick outcome. – Tiffany Castro

One of my photos from Sunday. I will never see pictures the same way again. Thanks! – Agnes Borges Irizarry

Thanks a lot for that wonderful session.Nilanjan Bose

Judith, your composition workshop was incredible! I never thought I could learn that much in just a couple hours! Your teaching style was so friendly and down to earth and with just a few pointers, I feel like my pictures immediately started to look more professional. Here are a few examples of what i shot during our session in Spanish Harlem on 6/15. I did do some post work on a few of them Thanks so much for everything, I’d recommend this class to anyone; beginner, amateur, even a borderline pro! – Kellen Manley, Owner/Videographer – Magnanimous Media of Kalamazoo, Digital Media Specialist www.fetzer.org (believes in the transformative power of love and forgiveness)

Wow, we just spent Saturday afternoon taking Judith’s Composition 2 class. Her Composition 1 class was last weekend. The classes are great. In her friendly demeanor, Judith clearly communicates the goals, gives clear instruction, and provides positive and constructive feedback. The best part is you walk away a better photographer. Anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills should seriously consider Sundays in New York with Judith. Oh yeah, I’ll never look at stairs the same way again! – Giacoma Spanola III

Thanks for the great Composition 1 class last weekend! It was incredibly helpful to put your advice into action and then have you right there to give feedback on our shots. After the two hour session I feel I have new skills I can continue to work with! Looking forward to Composition 2. – Susan S.

We had an amazing time with Judith. She took us to some places we may not have found on our own, gave us some great pointers and we came away with some interesting photographs. It has changed the way I see through the lens of my camera. Thanks, Judith! Looking forward to another tour with you someday soon. – Cindy K.

The improvements in my photography have been incredible comparing my work before and after taking Judith’s workshop in Central Park. Her straight forward suggestions have made all the difference. – Bill Tancer, Author, Columnist and Amateur Photographer

No need to say that the hours spent with you on Tuesday were a pure delight. It was not only a great time during which I made giant steps forward in my learning process thanks to you, but it was also the first time I was taking pictures in “tandem” and I really enjoyed doing it with you. A good chemistry always make a big difference. As mentioned, I don’t know if I’m going anywhere with photography, but no matter what I’ll end up doing with it, there will definitely be a  before and after Judith’s sessions in my personal photo path. Yesterday and today I went everywhere you told me (that’s why I pushed my trip back home). I’m not sure if there are many (or just a few) pictures I will actually like and keep from these 2 days but I do know that the last time I was that excited was at Disney World when I was 10… – Bruno

An eye-opening experience! Constructive feedback and expert guidance…definitely information that translates to all future shots. A new way to see the world through your lens. – Tracey

Thank you again for the great time of teaching. I think it was more challenging to photograph under low light conditions in the crowded setting, so I found this session very useful addition to my previous sessions with you. Besides, I enjoyed new game of finding the right angle to get a certain image, to find the certain detail of the area after being shown a photograph, and again leading lines concept exercises! Thank you again and look forward for further sessions. – Yevgeniy

Life changing! You know why photographers take good photos and you still use instagram filters to make yours ok? Their eyes. Judith sees things we don’t (nope, she’s not on the 6th sense movie) and – now comes the good part – she TEACHES your eyes to look at photography. As crazy as it might sound, you look at the world as photography shots after her class.  You get individual attention and she is lovely! Point-of-shot help! – Lais from Rio de Janeiro

Hi Judith. Many thanks for the lesson. It was fantastic. Very eye opening, in multiple senses. I really learned a lot and will be certain to pass on your name to anyone I know of who might be interested in some photo help. Again, many thanks. – Jim Frederick, author of Black Hearts and editor Time Magazine International

Hi Judith, thanks for the class today! Learned SO MUCH! Thank you! – Zen

To the best teacher I have had! Fantastic Session today. I will be signing up for more. – Mohammed

Dave and I enjoyed your Workshop in Chinatown yesterday. Once I had a chance to review the pics at home I was a bit more pleased and pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I plan on doing a lot more of this. Thanks for your insight and guidance. –  Cindy

It was a great pleasure to meet you and have taken your course in photography. I will check your schedule and definitely take the technical course. Unless I am walking around with a Blad and some TRI X  I feel awkward with a digital camera. – Filmmaker, Steven Moy

I always knew a great picture when I saw it, but when I’ve tried to take those pictures they never turn out!  In Composition 1 Class, Judith really helped me to compose my pictures in such a way that it was that great photo I’ve always wanted to take! I learned a lot about leading lines, neutral backgrounds, and the simplicity that can make your photographs look amazing.  I especially loved the immediate critiquing that was given and the suggestions that Judith gives on editing your images to make them the best they can possibly be.  It really was a wonderful Sunday in New York! – Chelsey

I know what I like in a photo, but I didn’t know why I liked it, with Judith’s help I learned what to put in the pictures I take and what to leave out to increase my satisfaction in my photography. I like the teaching style Judith uses, she starts with guidelines and parameters for taking a picture and gradually decreases the parameters so you use your new knowledge to compose photos yourself. The critiques as you move through the class help you see instant improvement and learn how using the guidelines makes more pleasing photos. This class is definitely a great way to improve your photography skills! – Denise

Hi Judith, you are a great teacher. After this class, I try to look and see a deal differently at whatever surrounds me. Thank you! I had a great time! Some of my photos are posted on your Facebook site, look forward to hearing your comments:) – Yevgeniy from NY

Many wonderful shots I took today while taking Judith’s class. What an amazing learning experience this was! I’ll be back for more! – Gina

Thanks for the great day of shooting!! Now I see lines everywhere! –Maureen from NY

Chinatown and Bethesda:  I thought both were great value for the money, thank you !  As it was my first time in NYC, my goal was just to get “out there” and explore with some local guidance.  I appreciated your reminders about looking for repetitive features to create a good background, keeping the scene simple etc.  In Chinatown it was great to have you point out cool doors and graffiti walls as backdrops.  At Bethesda I appreciated the sheer range of great angles at just the one location!  Without your guidance, I would never have thought to frame shots from above the stairs! I thought your use of time was great; spending 15-20 minutes getting your input and pointers was perfect.  Most of us don’t pick up our cameras as often as we would like so the refresher on settings was useful.  I liked the fact that we were not rushing around at either location.  Keeping in close range of the group was perfect.  We could drift around but knew you were there to help out.  Two hours was a perfect amount of time in my opinion.  But what a treat it was to have the ballerinas to shoot!  The Bethesda shots were my absolute favourites.  I went back the next day to try again but had limited success.  But instead, I was able to take in some great music by Tin Pan and got some excellent shots of the musicians.  I played with angles and close ups. – Connie from Montreal

Thank you for such an informative class yesterday. It definitely helped me put photos and subjects into perspective! – Jen from NY

Hi judith, what I love about street photography–the element of surprise, of surpassing one’s expectations.  it is a powerful medium to observe and show ordinary people in their day to day lives, which somehow becomes even more poignant many years later when looking back at “then.” Thanks for your help in photo enhancing ideas. I sent a group of photos of Spanish Harlem out to my friends and most have responded commenting more on the quality of the photos than usual. We enjoyed the day and thank you–a place we probably wouldn’t have ventured alone. – Judy from CA

MY EYES ARE WIDE OPEN !!!!!! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You’re a wonderful teacher.- Natalie from NY

I was the gal with the new camera who was clueless in your Saturday class. I enjoyed the class a lot and will check your website for future classes. I did manage to get a few good shots. Thanks for your individual help. I appreciated it. – Joyce from NY

Thanks again for the coaching and instruction the other day. I sent a link of my pictures to my parents and my mom didn’t understand until we spoke that evening that I was the one that took the pictures! She really likes the Highline park and thought that I had just assembled pics from around the internet 😉 I’ve had quite a few compliments from other friends as well and I’ve told each of them that it’s 100% a result of your class. – Rob from NY

I was just expecting a “normal” photo class, like the ones I’ve taken in the past. But what I got out of it was nothing like I expected. What amazed me the most about your class was how much of an impact you made on me in finding the “moments.” It brought me right into the concept as you called “being present.”  How often do we forget to stop and smell the roses! We miss so much! Thank you judith, you have really changed my eye, I now “see” so many things I had no idea were out there. What a gift you have to share – Kara from Portland

My photos were a horrible mess of snap shots (tilted, distractions, etc) before I took your class. Now I can say that you clearly helped me understand how to frame and the world is so much different now. thanks for this experience. – Josie from NY

Great class and cool teacher, she knows her stuff and  shows us how to make it easy to get better photos. – Joe from Staten Island

I wanted to emphasize on how much of an impact you and your classes have made on me. I feel so much more conscious of what I’m photographing and how to enhance the images I’ve taken.  You are a wonderfully patient, insightful and encouraging teacher.  It amazed me how quickly we as a class were able to put into action all that we had learned from you based on your simple instructions and critiques.  You have a truly nurturing aura, and you are “real”, so I believe that makes you the kind of teacher (and “kind teacher”) that you are.  I feel so lucky to have been able to take your class! – Cecilia from NY Open Center

I took a 2-hour composition class with Judith last weekend in Central Park and it was fantastic. I went into the class with no background or knowledge of photography and left feeling like I had learned a tremendous amount about what to look for when taking pictures. She is an excellent teacher and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. She breaks things down and gives concrete examples (through pictures of her own that she has taken) of what to look for when framing a picture. I learned so much from her and have already put her advice to good use! She also gives you immediate feedback which is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her photography classes and hope to take another one sometime very soon! – Joanna from NY

I very much enjoyed your street photography class. I learned so much. I will definitely try and join the other classes on your website.  – Tricee from NY

Your composition class held in Central Park today at Bethesda Fountain was excellent. I liked the fact that you outlined what makes up a good photo and then went on to give us concrete assignments to try. I thought your “hand holding” was great as it showed us exactly how to photograph the shots you were looking for and it made us understand what was wanted in the pictures. Thank you again for an informative and enjoyable couple of hours. – Shelley from NY

Every  minute of each class was awesome, Judith is an excellent teacher – Joseph from NY Open Center

The teacher open, welcoming attitude, encouragement. I was also exposed to a different way of looking at things and learned a lot of techniques.  – Sahar from NY Open Center

I learned several techniques that helped me take better pictures immediately! – Mona from NY Open Center

Exposed me to photographing things I would never have explored. – Michael from NY Open Center

What you are doing Judith, is such a gift – photographer, author Photographing Children, Ginny Felch

Thank you, Judith. Really enjoyed Sunday in the Park…but not as much as these two… – Jennifer from NY

Seriously, I want to thank you for your direction. It really helped me get the shots I wanted. And thank you for choosing such a great location. There are so many awesome photos on my camera! It was very hard to choose the “best” ones. – Natalie from NY

Can’t thank you enough, not only did I learn a tremendous amount (unexpected!) but your class was fun, too! – Clara

Judith is such a great teacher. Thanks again. – Michael from NJ

Ok I’ve been to Chinatown many times, but never “saw” it the way I did with you. Thank you for showing me to “see” for the first time. – Caroline

Your photographs are amazing and so inspiring. It is awesome to be able to learn from you!!! I have learned when reviewing photos with you that the simple ones are the best. Your experience, your knowledge, and your willingness to teach, and share is wonderful!! Thank you for doing these workshops!! –Tina from Queens

Judith Farber is the best photography teacher you can find. Walk through many NYC neighborhoods as she teaches you how to turn snapshots into fine art in just one session. – Picture Perfect, NY

Thank you, Judith, for a wonderful session. It’s a great gift you give to students, helping us see the world more artistically while introducing us to fabulous neighborhoods. I hope to see you again soon. –  StacyThanks again for the great tips! – Steven from NY

First of all, I’d like to say Thank You again, for your kindly and patient teaching. I did learn a lot yesterday. You introduced me to the world of art. My girlfriend was surprised the improvement I had after looking at my work. I appreciate your guides, comments and encouragements. I used to hear about the rules you mentioned, but never knew how to achieve until you showed us. For example, I didn’t know what to exclude and include in order to attract viewer’s focus to the object. Of course, yesterday was only the beginning and I understand that there is much more to learn from you. I believe it was a great and successful start. As I said yesterday, you teach well. – Kei Yin Wong

It was nice working with you again yesterday. I especially thought showing us examples on your iPad of your work taken in the exact same location was VERY helpful. I can’t think of a better way to help us see the way you see, and I think that helped me the most during our session. – David from NY

I hope to attend one of your classes soon. I still think about the one class I took a year ago. It has had the biggest impact on me as a photographer so far. Thanks! – Leon from NY

Thanks for a great class today, Judith! I learned so much and can’t wait to start putting my new skills to use. – Jodi from NY

I definitely enjoyed the experience and learned something from it. – Dan from NY

Hi Judith, First it was nice meeting you today. I enjoyed our session and look forward to scheduling the next one. – Dave from NY

Enjoyed my day in the park-had my horizons expanded – Tony from NY

Thanks for a great afternoon in Chinatown on Saturday! Looking forward to working with you again!! – Lori from NY

© Ray McClure

© Ray McClure – daylong session, judith and JP Pullos

Daylong session…some of our class. I don’t know where some of them were at that particular time… It was 4pm and HOT, and you all were seeking refuge in the shade. Thank You for a great workshop! 🙂 – Ray from NY

Hi Judith! Thank you so much for the class on Sunday. I can’t stop looking for/ noticing the leading lines!!! 🙂 I ended up in the park for a few hours after class taking shots and playing…looking forward to more classes with you. Please include me on your mailing list!! All the best. – Lala from NY

Hey Judith, thanks for a great class yesterday, it feels great to actually have an idea of what to look for when taking pictures – Fitz from NY

I took the Paris workshop class with Judith and learned so much. I can’t believe how different my photos looked at the end of the class compared to the beginning! She is such a great teacher and the class was so much fun! Thanks Judith! – Fran, Paris workshop

I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. I am now highly motivated to get out more with my camera and try the things you suggested—like the hip shots. So many of my shots were a bit out of focus, and while I appreciate what you said about that not always being bad, I think it also indicates that I need to learn to steady my hand. Lots to practice….Yet I wasn’t unhappy with around half of what I got, so I feel like there’s promise. I will look forward to the possibility of seeing you again in NY for a workshop in September. – Laurie, Paris workshop

Thank you for an interesting class today! Really enjoyed learning about your composition techniques and ideas. – Rebecca from NY

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop today. It was really eye-opening and helpful. I’m very excited to go out and practice now! – Heather from NY

I can’t tell you how wonderful the two classes were, especially the Central Park class. I was the ‘photographer’ at a friend’s birthday party last weekend and got to apply stair background and corners as folks descended to the dining room at the host’s duplex – would never have thought to get the shot without your guidance, so thanks. – Cathy from NY

Thanks for a great class yesterday! I’m seeing lines and repetition everywhere I look now! 🙂 – Shane from NY

Really enjoyed Sunday’s class at Bethesda Fountain, now I know what’s wrong with each of my photos!! – Noelle from NY

It was such a pleasure to attend your workshop today. You have a very charming demeanor and I appreciate your honest and encouraging words. I have a much better perspective now. Thank you for showing how to keep it simple. I am definitely looking forward to meeting you again. – Shilpy from NY

Thank you, Judith! Loved the workshop! – Natalia from NY

Thanks for the class yesterday! – Kate from NY

I really enjoyed the workshop, I’m looking forward to meet you again, I’m glad we met. – Pablo from Acapulco, Mexico

Hi Judith, I took your class yesterday in Todos Santos, I loved it and lots of my pictures turned out great, Thanks! – Penny from TS, Baja Mexico

a lot to learn still – but definitely eye opening in terms of focusing in on what one is really trying to capture – would love to have more time with you on learning the finer aspects of creating the perfect photo – another workshop?? – Ruth from TS, Baja Mexico

Thank YOU so much for a great day. I learned stuff we’ll use and continue to grow in the future. I look forward to the next workshop in December. – Mike from TS, Baja Mexico

First thanks SOOOOOOOOO much for the class. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and could not only see what you were trying to teach, but felt it. I really appreciate you and the experience and I have learned never ever to look at a camera in the same way. Short but profound lesson…the best way to learn. – Nanette from TS, Baja Mexico

Well it wasn’t a Sunday in New York, but a Saturday in Todos Santos ain’t chopped liver…Thanks Judith, it was a nice to see our town through your eyes. – Marc from TS, Baja Mexico

I really enjoyed the photo outing last Saturday. I think you did a great job in getting the point to me as to how you see subjects and some of your ways to make them most visible in a photo. The only thing I noticed was that at times it was difficult to take a photo and not get some of the other folks hands in the photo without knowing they were there! Looking forward to seeing you return to Todos Santos. – Gordon from TS, Baja Mexico

Thank you Judith for an amazing workshop! – Agnieszka from NY

Judith, loved spending time with you in NYC and learned so much!! Many thanks!!! – Yvonne from Australia

Thank you for the wonderful session in Chinatown; the observations on background selection was extremely valuable and has already improved my photography. – Cathy from NY

JP and Judith – thanks for a good all day class – Ben from NY

Spanish Harlem. Judith thank you for a wonderful class yesterday. – Teona from NY

Thank you for the wonderful experience! And for all your help and comments! – Ana from NY

I took her class Saturday and I highly, highly recommend it. She’s phenomenal. In the same way that we did exercises for the various features on your camera, Judith will take you through various exercises but they’ll be all about composition. – JP Pullos, technical photo teacher, JP Pullos Photography

Judith stresses a set of basic principles, which like all true wisdom seems simple but is really very deep. Practice makes perfect, her critiques are insightful and constructive, and her class is a ball. She attracts a very interesting set of compatible people. – Kathleen Brady, author of Lucille The Life of Lucille Ball and Ida Tarbell Portrait of A Muckraker.

This class had made a tremendous difference in my life and I will always remember it, I learned:
* how to create and distinguish a photograph with good composition from one that it too busy
* to have confidence in my ability to take a decent picture
* It is possible to fall in love again – Through photography I have found a new way, besides music, to connect to the human spirit…
Thank you Judith for making a difference in my life with your time, talent, patience and commitment to human connection thru Photography. You are respected and appreciated. – Gabriella from NY

Judith! I had so much fun today in your class, I’ve never been at Grand Central before, so I was excited about it. Look forward to be in another class soon. Thank you!!! – Nancy from NY

Judith’s workshop was excellent. Not only does she lay out the concepts for the workshop with great clarity…she spends time with everyone…looking at images and making individual suggestions. I’ll be back for more. – Charles from NY

Thanks again for today’s class. I had a great time. I have never shot such good photos! – Lynde from NY

I wanted to say thank you for the Grand Central Workshop I attended last month. I learned so much and your workshop has inspired me to go out and take more photographs around the city. I wanted to share with you some of the photographs I took from our workshop. – Stephanie from NY

Your classes are so fun and I come away looking at everything from an entirely different perpective. – Lizzie from NY

My Pictures went from a D- to a B+. I have always struggled with getting the right shots, and didn’t feel comfortable sharing my photos with friends or family. Judith is wonderfully talented, patient and encouraging. She explained the fundamentals of photography and improved my skills with her hands-on approach. In just one lesson, I had photos worthy of sharing. I can’t wait to have my next lesson, and in the mean time I’m enjoying practicing the basics she taught me – Melody from San Diego, CA.

Thanks so much for Saturday’s class! Really enjoyed it 🙂 – Christine from NY

Wanted to thank you for your wonderful teaching. I’m really excited now to photograph. I learned a lot from you. – Diane from NY (author and world renowned storyteller, Diane Wolkstein – who sadly passed away in taiwan, Feb 1,2013, greatly missed)

© Tammy Lieberman

I recently won the Best Student portfolio for 2010 at the College of Digital Photography here in Johannesburg. I had to submit 5 pictures from different genres, and the travel pic I submitted was one of the images I took on our photo walk at Bethesda Terrace! So many people love that photo – and I wouldn’t have been there or ‘seen’ it without your guidance. Thank you for your input – it clearly paid off! – Tammy from South Africa

The workshop today was AWESOME!!! You made me see things in a different view and angle….I like to take street photos, real lives, watch people & snap that moment …I really like your style….photography with a heart….Please include me in your mailing list…I would like to take more of your workshops. – Clare from NY

Thank you very much for the class yesterday. We really enjoyed the class. – Alla from NY

Thank you for such a great class…we had a great time and all of your tips were extremely helpful! – Carolyn from NY

Thanks for class it was informative and fun! – Naomi from NY

Today was great! Learned to take great shots and made a friend! Thanks again! – Alyssia from NY

It was a pleasure learning from you yesterday, and I feel like I could learn a lot from you. I wanted to ask how much are private lessons? Can you forward a list of the locations that we can go to? – Janet from NY

© Madison Benjamin

Had a great time yesterday. Can’t wait to take some of your other classes – even though I’ll have to wait until 2011 when you have availability!! – Madi from NY

I loved your class it was awesome! – L.A. from NY

I wanted to thank you for spending the afternoon with me for the private session shooting in Chinatown. Your eye for composition really amazes me. When I go out to shoot I always take the time to really think about what I want the picture to look like, the placement of subjects, which objects do or do not add to the photo. I can see definite progress in my work. – Pam from NJ

Thanks for the wonderful afternoon in Red Hook. – Sam from NYC

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Chinatown day. I am telling friends about you and more of them when I’m home. You were great. I learned something I knew well but hadn’t been doing much of lately. – Judy from Santa Monica

© Marc Konowitz

Thanks again so much for an enjoyable and educational workshop last weekend. Hope to learn from you again sometime soon. – Marc from NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, picked up some pointers (which, by the way, I used the following day in Central Park doing an engagement shoot), and, of course, meeting you. I look forward to the next workshop. – Ron from NY (professional wedding photographer)

Thanks again for your suggestions and critiques. I learned a lot. I know I have a lot more to learn. – Eleanor from NY

Yesterday was fun and a good day’s shooting. Thanks for your input and ideas. I particularly like the “shooting from the hip” idea. Tried it again today when I was at the Metropolitan Museum. I’m going to keep working on it. – Susan from NY

© Roy Suman

Thank you for taking the time and effort to teach. Within the first 15 mins of your class I could not recognize the pictures on the back of my camera’s LCD screen as mine! But most importantly after the class, pictures I took were completely different than those before – looks like I have been able at least to some extent assimilate what you taught us. That in itself speaks volumes about your teaching skills. I would love to join your classes again in the future. – Roy from NJ

Thanks again so much for an enjoyable and educational workshop last weekend. Hope to learn from you again sometime soon. – Marc from NY

Thank you for such a great class…we had a great time and all of your tips were extremely helpful! – Carolyn from NY

I really enjoyed the class. It’s amazing how much one can quickly improve. I really liked that we chose a few themes (simplicity, backgrounds, etc.) and stuck with them for the class. – Michael from NJ

I put together this gallery for you to see the beautiful pics I was able to take that day. Thanks for your encouragement and praise! – Karen from NY

I managed to get one of my best shots, a monk with a prayer wheel. I’ll post it and a few others. It was an enjoyable experience. The area is certainly interesting. – Robert from NY

© Lourdes Merson

I had a wonderful time shooting with you at the Museum of Natural History. After reviewing my photos, I realized how much I am learning to visualize and to take my time. I hope to grasp the concept that less is more when taking photographs and that simplicity tells a better story. You made the session interesting and taught us many different techniques of composition. I also appreciate the fact that you took the time to review and critique our pictures. You have opened up my eyes to observe and be patient. Thank you for a great day and as always I look forward to shooting with you. – Lourdes from NY

At first, I was just curious on how street photography works. I was so excited when you offered Chinatown, the perfect venue with all the action that takes place in a very busy area. Then when you handed me the article about simplicity, I was like how on earth will I be able to get a simple shot in a very crowded and busy place. But then you nailed it! I was looking at the pictures and I can’t imagine being able to take those shots alone in Chinatown! Also, I used to take pictures just minding the subjects that interests me. Not concentrating much on the backgrounds or color contrasts. But your workshop taught me how to put it all together to become a work of art. It’s like learning how to paint without the brushes and just the camera as the medium. Thank you for everything that you have shared with me yesterday. You’re awesome! I had so much fun. I really enjoyed the workshop! I learned a lot and I’m so excited to share with you my favorites. It took me a long time to get to the 6 train as I was so busy looking at every wall, sign and interesting subjects around canal street. Need to work a lot on the “shooting from the hip” technique though. Everything was a miss. hehe! Anyway, I’ll see you in Bethesda Fountain, looking forward to the next workshop. – Luzel from NJ

I came to your Astoria trip and I certainly enjoyed it. Would you please put me on your mailing list as I’d like to do some more. I love your images of a small figure against a background, but I found that ‘simplification’ hard to achieve amidst the bustle. But I shall keep looking for backgrounds. I’d love any comments you would care to make. – Jeanne from Ct

Many thanks Judith for today. I had a great time and learned a lot. I went back and looked at some of my other photos and could really see where I may have had a great shot of something but there was miscellaneous stuff in the background or I could have made it more interesting. So that will be in my mind from now on. That and lines. Be in touch. – Heidi from NY

It’s been some time since the workshop, but I thought you might like to see my shots from our Brooklyn Bridge & Dumbo excursion. I still have some more to work on. I’d also like to tell you that some of your comments that day have had a strong influence (for the better) on how I’ve chosen to compose certain street shots in camera. – Chris from Long Island

Thank you for a great afternoon, and your patience. – Michael from Westchester

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Judith, thank you for a great class Saturday. It was a great experience to be looking (and finding) simplicity in such a crowded area. After only a few hours I gained a whole new perspective on what to look for in fine art photography. Hope to see you soon. Thank you – Teona from NY

Thanks so much for a great day of shooting, I was very pleased with what I got and look forward to getting out with you again. – Michele from NY

Thank you for your kind words and support during the photo workshop. The workshop was fabulous, and I learned so much during the two sessions. Also, I too really enjoyed your company and the company of the others in the workshop. Judith, you are a wonderful person, and a great photographer and teacher. Thanks again. – Fred from upstate, NY

Thanks for the great afternoon at the Met. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot! – Rachel from NY

I was quite the skeptical one with my short visit to NY, paying for a programme with my point and shoot. Judith responded in humour that it wasn’t about the camera, but the bloke behind it. My travel photos are horrid, so I signed on. I asked too many questions and Judith graciously answered and the insight was worth every pound! Cheers! – JD from the UK

Thanks for the great day. I enjoyed the input and it gives me something solid to work on. I will be unable to attend tomorrow, but look forward to seeing the schedule on your website for other opportunities. – Karen from NJ

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this class but I am so happy that I participated. It was great to have freedom to shoot “using your own eye” and then have Judith point out composition issues. The class was very beneficial and I would recommend it highly. Grand Central is a fantastic place to roam. Oh and forgot to mention to Judith, I did walk away with a favorite photo. – Dhanny from NY

I’m very happy to have met you and enjoyed listening and absorbing your feedback/comments. The pictures I took with you turned out much more focused and definitely moving away from “snapshot” category. – Camila from NY

I want to thank you for a very enlightening photo shoot. You definitely do know the areas to grab the best images. I accessed an interview on the Internet that you had given (I forget with whom) and was so impressed to see that you knew and worked with Ansel Adams. That had to be a highlight of your career in photography. I’m very envious. Thanks again, and perhaps we can hook up again when you take your class outdoors. – Rhea from Queens

Judith is an amazing photographer and an excellent teacher!!! To be able to be taught how to shoot pictures correctly, get tips, and critique throughout the workshop is awesome! This was my second workshop and won’t be my last 🙂 – Tina from Queens

I really thought I was a pretty good photographer until you showed me what I was ignoring. Now I am much more aware of what I see and what the camera can do. – Cammie from Brooklyn

Thanks a lot again for an excellent workshop! I did take a lot from our session and am much more conscious about what I am shooting and what to take pics of… (the number of pics taken actually declined after the session, and yet the number of “not boring” pictures increased a lot). – Joerg from Germany

I really enjoyed The Highline Park yesterday. Just starting to look through my pics and I believe I have a few I can work with. Thanks again Judith for another great experience and taking the time to look through the pics I took and offering suggestions to make them better. I hope to get some practice in before next time we meet. – Kim from Staten Island

I really enjoyed the photo-walk we had on Sunday, I was happy to hear your tips and observations along the walk regarding the shots I took. It made me think for the first time about my photos – what I like to shoot and what interests me. – Uri from Israel

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  1. A two hour walk around Todos Santos with Judith retrained my eye. I’m extremely grateful for her inspiration. She’s a top notch teacher

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