Photo Critique

A Photo Critique is an amazing learning experience achieving immediate improvement to your eye when photographing, making your images more powerful.  Sometimes just a simple tweak is all that’s needed to create a WOW response!   


During a session you’ll feel the excitement and inspiration. You will gain insight you won’t find anywhere else in regards to what your photography is communicating. The emphasis is participating in a positive, uplifting discussion for creating amazing photos.

The Photo Critique will move your photos to a higher level, composing with impact while discovering how to expand your vision to stand out from the crowd.

Why Do One
1. To find out if your photos reflect and communicate what you want
2. To understand the emotional impact your photos have
3. To learn basic tools to increase photo impact
4. To do self-editing
5. To evolve your passion into a photo style, feeling inspired and motivated
6. To expand your vision and grow as an artist

Private Critique is a one on one online session based on time. It can be done before or after an in person NY photo Composition Session. We do a detailed review of each of your images resulting in more impact, focused direction and new eyes to view the world. The online Critique Session is accessible from all over the world for beginners to professionals.

I’ve coached amateur to professional photographers for the past 16 years, and judged major worldwide contests, Adobe, Canon and Sandisk.

Steps to schedule a session:

1. Choose a Private Critique time frame:

* 30 minutes (up to 15 images) – $99
* 60 minutes (up to 40 images) – $189 *most popular
* 90 minutes (up to 60 images) – $279
*120 minutes (up to 75 images) – $369

2. Email first and second time/day:

3. Purchase session via CASH APP or ZELLE (at least 2 days before the session)
4. Can either Email your low resolution images – email: OR send a link to where you images are that you want reviewed.
5. A confirmation email will be sent with further instructions
6. Session must be scheduled within 2 months after purchasing

Read Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

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30 min Critique with 2 hour Street Session:  $400
60 min Critique with 2 hour Street Session:  $500


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Testmonials (group classes)
I underestimated how interesting it could be for me, of course I knew every single word you would say about my pictures is going to be good feedback and I’m going to learn from it. I was really glad to learn what you said about the other’s pictures, very interesting to hear. I should do a critique every time I do a shooting. I’m always in the middle of should I keep them or should I throw them away. I don’t know exactly what to do, and in 5 minutes you showed me what I should do. I loved this Webinar!Bruno

It was great to be part of this! What I found especially valuable was the opportunity to see your process with all of the images submitted by the group – some work very different than mine.  It’s been a year since we had our Review, which was also quite helpful to me. This was similar, but in some ways more refreshing in its spontaneity – I didn’t have a personal history with the other photos in the group. Highly recommended as a way of changing old habits and moving one’s vision along! Thank you !AnthonyJudith took great care in evaluating each photograph and highlighting strengths and areas for improvement and why. The on-line technology worked very well and we were all able to view the photos simultaneously. I not only learned when she critiqued my work but also the photos of others who were participating on the call. Understanding what works and doesn’t work in my photos is critical in my improvement as a photographer. Thank you Judith for a productive session. Helena

Thank you for a very productive webinar. Not only did you validate my thoughts about photos that I was happy with as well as those that troubled me, but you suggested and demonstrated some very simple fixes. Another plus was being able to ask questions of and exchange ideas with other participants, as well as objectively evaluating and absorbing your comments on their photos. All this from the comfort of home! I look forward to another class!Tony

Testimonials (private sessions)

Thank you Judith for the missing link with your critiquing session. I realized what I’ve been doing wrong and why my images have been blah. Just that simple thing you showed me changed how I will see from now on. I can’t thank you enough!  Jared

Thanks for such a inspiring review session with my iPhone. I’m so excited that I might even dust off my SLR!! Valeri

I had my online image review with Judith today and what a pleasure it was. To have a whole hour to have a professional review some of my problem pictures and help identify what can take some of my decent pics and make them much better was invaluable. My biggest issue: I need to shoot vertical!!!Ken

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, you did a critique of my photos last year 🙂 I wanted to let you know I was interviewed on a local York tv show called Culture and Main. . I am on episode 18 6/6/13. For my photos on Edge Of A Moment Photography, I just wanted to let you know! Your critique helped me a lot, and I wanted to share I am slowly getting my name out!Jessica B

I read somewhere I don’t remember where, that doing an Image Critique with you can even change your life. Well, I have to say this certainly had some merit. I came in skeptical but by the end of our hour session, I was blown away by your observations of my work and how quickly you found my style and strengths. So needed and grateful to you. Amazing! Thank you Judith – Stephen BFabulous experience. Nancy S

Judith – Thank you so very much for an honest and oh so educational hour of critiquing my photographs. I learned so very much in that quick sixty minutes. Now to go practice what I learned!Lauren

Cropping my own pictures per your instructions was a great exercise – besides “salvaging” some of my pictures, it has helped me to begin to see differently.  I have learned that in photography, as elsewhere in life, less is more.  I have finally realized that I can capture the ambiance of an entire scene by strategically picking out a part of the scene. Thanking you for the feedback – Deena A

Thank you so much Judith! You helped me so much in our 1 hour photo review. So worth it! You taught me so much about the best way to compose my photos and you gave me your honest opinion of my work. I want to thank you for being so kind and informational, you gave me such an encouragement to strive forward. Thank youDylan

Judith, thank you very much for the honest critique during the image review session – of the photos I had doubts about. Time well spent!Yevgeniy

Honest, professional critique of your work is an important step in improving your photography.  Your friends and family will often be quick to praise your work.  However, If you really want to grow, a critique session with Judith provides unbiased and helpful suggestions that will allow you to take a quantum leap towards producing beautiful photography.- William Tancer, author of Click, Columnist and Amateur Photographer

 Judith, I wanted to let you know that moving into the image critique process with you was extremely helpful to me, starting from your suggestion to focus on the 2nd tier shots in the review. The actual review was great, and you were both gentle and firm with your comments. The whole effort prompted me to submit a portfolio of 20 of my best shots to the NYT Portfolio review that I thought came out decently. That was a long time coming. We”ll see if anything emerges from the submission. Anyway – thank you so much for all your feedback.- Anthonyrd3
Amazing! Judith was right on in her suggestions of my B/W photos and found where even the smallest change made a huge difference in impact. This certainly opened my eyes. Thank you for such an inspiring 2 hour session. Priceless and invaluable. (left photo is original, with two other options we created)RD

As amateur photographers we all seek to improve the quality and impact of our images. While wanting the acceptance and input from a seasoned professional, if you are like me you are hesitant to put yourself out there for what could be painful feedback about our images.

I recently had an experience with a true photographic pro, Judith Farber. While it was truthful, insightful and very direct, it was not at all painful. If you are willing to take a giant step backward and look at your image, Judith will share her commercially successful perspective, you can do nothing but learn and improve. For me comments like, “Go vertical,” “get in close,” “do not be afraid to crop” made a big difference for me. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the opportunity to share images with her and get a candid assessment of the difference between a tourist photo and an image which may have commercial value, or at a minimum, have greater impact as a photo. Happy shooting
Julian P

Hello Judith, I want to thank you again, so much, for your insights and tips as well as helpful criticism during our review on Friday. I learned so much professionally and emotionally about looking at shots more from interest to others rather than what I might find pleasant esthetically. Some of the tips on what should be obvious shows how easy it is for me to ignore faults in selection, angles, lighting and distractions were a great benefit to me. Especially the problem with tilting. I can only guess I have a tendency to list to the right. But now I will be much more careful. I really enjoyed working with you, and I think other students could find your tips invaluable. Thanks again. Bob LF

In one brief hour Judith Farber spun my head around from my point of view as a documentary photographer and showed me the way to improve my portfolio through composition, image enhancement and editing. She immediately understood my subject matter then zoomed into the content of each frame and made recommendations to bring them into focus and better tell the story. Kudos to Judith! Bob Z

Thanks for the feedback on my photos. Looking forward to paying more attention to what I’m doing with the camera and afterwards. Thanks, Judith.Russ R

The 1 hour online photo review is a wonderful learning experience.  Judith reinforced some composition suggestions to add the “WOW” factor into my photos.  She helped me crop existing images and gave me tips for future projects.  I highly recommend this 1 hour session.
–  Steven R

First, I want to tell you how much I appreciated the critique session with you last week.  I found it to be so very valuable on several levels. You provided honest, constructive comments that were encouraging and optimistic. You helped me understand how other people might see my work and how and why an editor would select and use certain images and give direction about improving them and other images. You also gave me the beginnings of a visual vocabulary with which I can view and edit my own images. One practical benefit of this is to better recognize on which images it’s worth spending more digital darkroom time and which were just not strong enough at the moment of capture.  And finally, it was really nice to get your positive reactions to some of my images, which means a lot to me and points me in a couple of directions to pursue with even more passion and confidence. – Jeffrey G

I learned that just a little tweaking can transform a boring photo into a keeper. Judith saw things I never did. Totally worthwhile, thank youSiobhan

I’ve participated in many portfolio reviews and my one hour with judith was more helpful. She goes over each image in great detail, I highly recommend this, money worth spentPatricia

We get so caught up with our eye, shooting the same way, so having a professional offer tips and suggestions to see outside “our box” is invaluable. Thank you JudithZee

I haven’t experienced a critiquing session before and I have to say that I was blown away by how much I learned, how approachable, honest and helpful Judith was. I could feel her passion for what she does and it came across with all her insightful suggestions. I am doing this again!Fran S

Didn’t know what to expect, and still can’t believe how excited I am about those photos I thought were boring. Thank you for helping me “see the light.”Cora Lynn

It was quite an educational experience! What valuable feedback, learned so much in such a short time. Take notes! – Linda

I can’t praise Judith enough for my 1 hr private critique session. As an amateur photographer, I travel a lot and am often disappointed with my trip photos. Judith was a pleasure to work with and gave me a lot of insight into my pattern, and for the first time I saw a common theme to my work. What an eye opener.
Gerald S

Judith stresses a set of basic principles, which like all true wisdom seems simple but is really very deep. Practice makes perfect, her critiques are insightful and constructive, and her classes are a ball. She attracts a very interesting set of compatible people.Kathleen Brady, author of Lucille The Life of Lucille Ball and Ida Tarbell Portrait Of A Muckraker.

judith delivers more than what you expect. i’ve always been an amateur snapshooter and now i feel like i climbed to a higher level.cj

I have to say that I will never shoot the same way again. I was feeling lost with little direction before our insightful session, and now I feel renewed, can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Africa.Francine

Judith’s critiquing session helped me to see what I was missing to turn a good photo into a great one. Judith conveys her vision so clearly that I felt like I could really see what she was seeing and what I need to do to take my photos to the next level. It was great to get Judith’s feedback on my photos. I feel like I learned so much in one hour about how to “see” more clearly and compose better photos.Grace D

I understood more about my photography in 1 hour than I have in 5 years of professional work. Thank you Judith for your insight and wonderful constructive feedback.- Lara

What great tools I have now in self-editing my work. Very valuable information, thank youSam

That was certainly the most informative hour I’ve spent in a long time, very helpful stuff. – Carin

Thank you for your assistance in cropping my photos. I thought I knew what to do/where to crop, but having you right there going over all my images in such detail was an educational experience.Pete

I had no idea that so many of my photos were actually keepers and found out which ones I could toss. This was such a valuable lesson that I recommend a session to everyone interested in perfecting their photography.Jaime

I got so much out of the private hour I spend with Judith critiquing my work. Her comments and feedback were crucial in how I proceed with my photography. thank you so much!!Sara

I paid for 30 minutes of Judith’s time and had to keep going, it was that helpful.Bob

Not easy to find a professional critique of your work who knows her stuff. Judith saved me so much wasted time doing the same kind of boring snap shot photos over again. Now I know exactly what I am doing wrong and the improvement has been awesome.Grant

I had no idea where to go with my photos. I was at a dead end. judith’s encouragement saved me from scrapping photography all together. I can’t believe I got my excitement back again to shoot, thank you judith for getting me back on track.Lola

There was so much basic information learned from my photos being critiqued, things I would never think of. It’s been helpful in going forward for my photography career. Having someone view and give advice like this has been hard to come by, and I got great tips out of it, thank you.Marina