Critique Details

What To Expect During a Critique
1. First impression, how does the photo make us feel
2. Does it work technically and is it well-composed
3. Can it be enhanced to produce a stronger image and more compelling portfolio
4. Delve deeper into the photographer’s eye
5. Understand the value of self-editing
6. Identify your style and unleash your passion

Your photos are viewed with positive encouragement in a safe environment. Receive honest comments on your photo strengths with any room for improvement. This is not a criticizing session. Reviews come from a kind heart with positive intent.

The Importance of Getting Feedback
Often a common theme is found when viewing images, resulting in a recurring thread of what your eye is drawn to. This is beneficial in creating consistent images, while uncovering your style.

A more accomplished photographer emerges as you begin to grasp the skill of self-editing. With just a small tweaking or cropping the image will have more impact.

Your Role
Listening to feedback might be challenging to hear, as we have a strong connection to our work. Keep in mind comments are subjective. To achieve the best outcome, be open, staying objective, while not taking it personally. The sessions are always a comfortable environment.

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