Camera Club Info and Payment

Group Session
Besides the professional’s advice, this session embraces the invigorating camaraderie of group feedback. When you see patterns in your own work you become more comfortable expressing your thoughts of others’ work. Sessions are scheduled week days or early week nights.

Private Session
Private sessions have a more personable edge. The conversation delves deeper into how you see and what sparks your passion. Sessions scheduled week days.

Critique Session Instructions
1. Email your chosen photos to the teacher at least 3 days prior to the session. Size the photos as a jpg, no larger than 9″ on a side.
2. All Critique Sessions are held online with screen sharing. Look for the teacher’s email prior to the scheduled time that has a location page link to take you directly to the shared page.
3. At the starting time call the conference number and follow the instructions.

Special Pricing for Club Members
*Group Session (max 7 people)
Up to 5 photos per person, 60-90 minutes, club members: $35
Purchase: Camera Club Group Session


*Private Critique Sessions
18 photos for 30 minutes, club members: $69 (normally $99)
45 photos for 60 minutes, club members: $139 (normally $189)
Purchase: Camera Club Private

Camera Club Private Critique


Thank you for purchasing!

Email to schedule the Session