About Judith Farber

Judith’s journey began with her first workshop taught by Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh where her style of documentary photography was born. Since she had no desire to carry  a view camera, she found her true calling in documenting Ansel, Yousuf and the class behind the scenes.

This new found passion lead her to working as a photojournalist for various newspapers in California and NY, with photos credited in magazines and books. She then traveled around the world for airlines and travel bureaus shooting photos for their publications. And since 1996 been partner/creator of the first educational member based photographic website (

For the past 8 years, Judith has been teaching “the art of seeing,” specializing in perfecting photo composition to the Tibetan children in Dharamsala, India, the local school kids in China, photo classes in Mexico, Turkey and France, to her current popular “Sundays in NY” private street photography sessions. She’s also been the primary judge on well known worldwide photo contests sponsored by Adobe, Sandisk and Canon. Capitalizing on her expertise in choosing winning photos she turned that talent into Critiquing Images and created the popular Photo Critique Private Sessions.

Judith’s passion is environmental portraits, finding special moments of energy while achieving perfect framing. Her images portray simple folk in their day-to-day rituals showing the spirit and flavor of a culture, from the warmth of their faces to the simplicity of the composition.

She teaches the Composition 1 and Comp 2 Sessions in NYC, and the online Photo Critique Session that appeals to a world wide audience from amateur to professionals.

Judith is more than just a devoted photography teacher. She has an incredible passion for service making sure that anyone who works with her advances their skills in some way. Her Coaching specialty besides in photography, is wardrobe and health where she supports women encompassing the whole body to look better, feel better and yes, see better.

Amazon ebook:  The Art of Seeing, In Street Photography

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About Lorenzo Fariello

Lorenzo was born in Vasto, Italy. He lived in Milan for 8 years and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Design at the Politecnico University of Milan.

His photographic career first began as a photojournalist, focusing on the social life of the Milanese youth, and then became a fashion photographer.

Lorenzo relocated to New York City in 2010 to continue his personal photographic exploration of the relationship between society and the urban subculture, documenting human behaviour, youth and urban decay in the big cities of not only Milan but also in New York.

Lorenzo teaches the Technical Workshop,  Night Photography, Portraits 



About Aldo Di Berardino

Aldo is a graduate of The International Academy of Image of Arts and Science in Italy. He worked as a cinematographer and photographer in Rome for over 6 years before venturing to New York to pursue new creative endeavors. He’s collaborated on a multitude of international films and with a talented roster of acclaimed directors, including Spike Lee and Ron Howard.

Aldo is currently expanding his repertoire by creating fashion videos for some of the industries top photographers. Additionally he’s working as a creative consultant in both photography and cinematography, seamlessly combining the two mediums.

Aldo teaches Architecture/Landscape