Calendar and Fees


*Online Private Critique (Purchase a discounted Photo Critique with your Composition Session)


  • All cameras are welcome to the Comp session, Tech Private session needs a DSLR
  • Confirmation emails will be sent for sessions, followed by an email 3 days prior to each session with detailed meeting location instructions
  • Sessions are paid via Paypal, with NO refunds if cancelled within 48 hrs of the session
  • Children under 13 yrs old and a disabled participant may be accompanied by an adult
  • WEATHER: Locations are subject to change. In case of inclement weather, class locations might be changed last minute (immediate notification will be sent via cell/text and email). If in doubt or out of the NY area, email for confirmation


  • Private Composition Session – 2 hours,  1 person:  $399,   2 people:  $499,        3 people:  $599.
  • Private Photo Critique – Receive valuable comments/feedback on your images. Private Sessions are held online. The fee:  30 minutes viewing 15 photos – $99,     60 minutes, viewing 40 images – $189,  90 minutes viewing 60 photos – $279, 120 minutes viewing 75 images – $369. Discounted fee for 1 person taken with a Composition Session (see Critique page)
  • Private Technical Workshop – 2 hr private workshop to understand your camera’s basic functions –  1 person:  $359, 2 people:  $459
  • Private Night Photography – 2 hr private workshop photographing NY’s exciting dark side – 1 person:  $359
  • Architecture/Landscape Workshop  2 hr private session, NYC is the perfect location for this private session! – 1 person:  $359


  • Cancellation – 48 hrs notice for rescheduling
  • To cancel/reschedule, please send an email
  • Paypal fee refunds are given with 7 days notice. If student cancels within 48 hr, credit is given to reschedule for another date (NO refunds are given within 48 hours session (dire circumstances always considered).
  • All purchases must be used within 6 months


  • Email your choice of a private workshop session (no need to schedule a date)
  • Gifts are valid to schedule within 6 months, and no refunds are given after 30 days
  • Meeting instructions will be emailed to recipient or purchaser


Hurry! See Cuba before McDonald’s! This is the real deal… the most experienced travel photographer who’s been going for the last 18 years and familiar with the absolute best locations, Lorne Resnick. Open to all skill levels. Havana is 8 days, Havana and Trinidad are 11 days (all sessions sell out!). This is a legal licensed trip open to all photo skill levels. 

Cuba Schedule: 2016-2017
Havana & Santiago de Cuba (Carnival) – July 20-August 1, 2017