Architectural and Landscape Photography

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LIGHT+SPACE+STRUCTURE (Private Sessions Only)
taught by Aldo Di Berardino

Create dynamic exterior and interior images using compositional skills and dramatic use of natural light.

This private course introduces students to the world of Architectural and Landscape
Photography. In this program, students gain the technical knowledge and professional skills essential for success in this field. Course lectures address the wide array of methods used in capturing both exterior and interior architectural photographs.

In addition, solutions offered for overcoming common challenges like
distortion issues and dealing with mixed light sources. An emphasis will be on designing and styling an architectural photograph as well as creative problem solving on location to help you create exciting images.

1. Level out the camera for correct perspective and be able to find a higher vantage point (adjacent building) that will allow you to shoot without perspective distortion. Make the primary view a 3/4 view where both the front elevation and a portion of a side elevation are visible. This type of view conveys depth and dimension.
2. Determining correct exposure for architecture and landscapes. Use an aperture that is adequate to render the entire building sharp. Architectural photography is a more deliberate specialty and lends itself to a slower pace and a refined composition.
3. Choose the natural daylight carefully, controlling colour temperature and
managing white balance in the field.

2 hour Session: 1 person – $299, 2 people – $399

If interested in a Private Session, please email

photo©Aldo Di Berardino